Cradle from 3SL, the complete Model Based Systems Engineering Toolsuite, specialising in requirements management, requirements capture, model based systems engineering and for systems engineering software, support and consultancy, the logical choice: Cradle from 3SL.
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Cradle from concept to creation

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Cradle Components Overview

The acclaimed Cradle-7.0 is a complete Requirements Management and Systems Engineering tool. Cradle is a fully customisable, extensible package that can assist you in maximising control, efficiency, traceability, security, usability and durability of your projects to help you to deliver your projects to a successful outcome to budget and on time.

Feel the satisfaction of knowing that from the initial requirements capture and the registration of the very first source document through all your definable stages of the project through analysis, design, testing, implementation, post implementation development and support through to final disposal, Cradle delivers consistently, efficiently and effectively.

The Cradle suite comprises of several interfaces.

WorkBench WorkBench example

Cradle's main work-horse which is at the heart of the Cradle tools suite with full access to all requirements management and systems engineering functions.

Project Manager Project Manager interface

Project Manager gives the ability to manage multiple projects on one or more Cradle servers.

Document Loader Document Loader interface

Document Loader is a Requirements Capture tool and forms part of the Cradle Toolsuite for Microsoft Office®.

Document Publisher Document Publisher

Document Publisher allows you to produce large and complex documents from a Cradle Project Database and forms part of the Cradle Toolsuite for Microsoft Office®.

Web Access Web Access

Web Access gives you the flexibility of being able to access your Cradle data from anywhere with internet access.


Spellchecker - checks the spelling of a collection of items

Capture utilities - capture information into your Cradle database from a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet using the Microsoft plugins, transfer WBS data between Cradle and Microsoft Project or populate your database with placeholder items for some or all symbols or groups on a Visio drawing

Gateway - a requirements traceability solution that links your development and verification documents with formal requirements stored in documents and databases